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DEWellness & Spa

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Thanks to all for this great summer season!

We are back in December :D

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Time out in the mountains

After "work" comes pleasure - and so tired hiking legs can be put up in the various saunas in the Hotel Alpina wellness area. Now nothing stands in the way of a new, active vacation day!



You can look forward to:

  • herbal sauna

A herbal sauna is a low-temperature sauna with a special herbal infusion such as chamomile, eucalyptus, mint or lemon. The essential oils have a beneficial and stimulating effect on breathing and skin.


  • Finnish sauna

Translated from Finnish into German, sauna means 'sweat room'. It lives up to this name, because the characteristics of this type of sauna are not only the very high temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius, but also the very low humidity, which is between 10% and 30%.


  • steam bath

If the sauna is too hot for you, you can rest and relax in the warm water mist of the steam bath with temperatures around 50° C. A steam bath opens the pores and cleanses the skin intensively and without heat stress for the circulation.


The thirst after a wonderful sauna session can be quenched in our stone pool with fresh Glemmtal mountain water.


Rest area for relaxing hours

In addition to the various saunas, a heated bench and a spacious relaxation area with loungers, water beds and a water massage bed await all those seeking relaxation. Here, the next (bike)tour for the upcoming vacation day can be planned easily ;)


Enjoy your active wellness holiday at the Alpina and secure your favorite room now!